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By: Michael Jetten, 30th of July 2019



Does it make sense to hire a VP of Employee Experience, like AirBnB?


Studies prove it: Employees with an incomparable Employee Experience, EX for short, are more loyal, committed and motivated. Many companies today invest in the Employee Experience - for good reason. There are many points of interaction between employees and companies. If these interactions are a consistently positive experience, it can have a significant impact of employee engagement.  

Whether in a weekly meeting or a full program, many companies invest time and resources in improving the Employee Experience.

Working in the New Work age is colorful: Some meeting rooms look like jungle oases, there are stress capsules with extra oxygen for better concentration or power napping rooms. To provide the best HR-Services for a growing remote workforce, it is important to find ways to empower employee engagement and commitment. For HR departments, this means strengthening the local employee experience as well as the virtual employee experience.

But as with trends, these efforts can easily decrease after the initial hype has subsided - unless someone takes responsibility.

There's a good reason why HR has been focusing more on this issue for a few years now. Studies prove it: Those who offer their employees the best possible employee experience actively strengthen employee engagement.

Why should employees who working within the best conditions should decide to leave?


The ROI of Employee Experience

The EX can influence a higher employee engagement, and thus also the achievement of company goals. 

Recruiting costs are expected to decrease by leveraging an optimal Employee Experience. After all, happy employees naturally like to talk positively about their employer. In the circle of friends and acquaintances and in the social media. A great feedback from employers can make the difference.

Accordingly, the Employee Experience has become a popular word, especially in HR. Where else, if not there? After all, the topic first concerns the people in the company. Who would be a better contact here than HR?


This is where the VP of Employee Experience comes in

Some companies even take the topic so seriously that they have created their own HR department for it, which explicitly deals with the Employee Experience and thus also with employee engagement. This wave has triggered none other than search engine giant Google. This is where the first EX expert found his job.

It is well known that more than 50 VP of Employee Experience have already started in Germany. This is quite remarkable in regard to the fact that the profession is barely a few years old. 

It's not just about the cozy corner in the office

Watch here how Unilever improved the Employee Experience by providing improves HR-Services: 




EX is not just about some nice-to-haves like the lounging corner in the office, table football or the office dog. It's about a holistic and positive working atmosphere. And EX is therefore also a technical topic. After all, the working atmosphere depends largely on the technical conditions that an employee finds at his or her employer.

Which, for example, contributes to satisfaction:

  • Important information should be available at any time and from any location.
  • Employees should be given the opportunity to work from anywhere, at any time.
  • The technology used should be quickly ready for use and intuitively operable.

What does that mean? The course for EX will certainly continue to be set within HR because of the numerous overlaps in content. However, HR must also build bridges to corporate IT. After all, information, data and technology are playing an increasingly important role in the Employee Experience. Companies have to tackle this challenge proactively by offering employees an experience without system breakdowns or repeated calls to different systems.


Accordingly, the EX mission will only succeed if the IT department is brought on board by HR to optimize overall processes (start-to-end) for employees. And as early as possible. Because neither the daily fruit basket, the online training nor the table football will lift the spirits if you have to open three different systems for one topic. 


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