PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software is Responding to COVID-19

Von: PeopleDoc DE am March 16th, 2020

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PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software is Responding to COVID-19


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Wie Sie verfolgen auch wir die neuesten Nachrichten über das COVID-19 (Coronavirus) aufmerksam. Da die Zahl der Fälle sowohl national als auch weltweit weiter zunimmt, arbeiten wir daran, die Sicherheit unserer Mitarbeiter und unserer Gesellschaft sowie die kontinuierliche Unterstützung unserer Kunden zu gewährleisten. Heute hat unsere Muttergesellschaft Ultimate Software diese englischsprachige Stellungnahme veröffentlicht.

PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software Responding to COVID-19

Like you, we’ve been closely monitoring the latest news about the COVID-19 (coronavirus). As cases continue to increase both nationally and globally, we are working to ensure the safety of our people and our community, as well as the ongoing support of our customers. New updates are happening on a day-by-day—and sometimes minute-by-minute—basis, and we will continue to adapt our policies and best practices as needed.

Precautions we’re taking

The world we all live and work in is heavily impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19). We strongly believe it’s the mission of each and any of us to preserve it and prepare better times. 

At PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software, we’ll do our part, ensuring the health and safety of our teams, customers, and partners, while keeping the quality of service you’re used to expecting from us.

As part of our response to COVID-19, our offices in Europe are now closed and all our teams are working remotely. PeopleDoc has always been a staunch supporter of remote work and 40% of our people already work remotely full time. As a result, our people are experienced and prepared to support the needs of our customers, partners, and vendors virtually. We have the utmost confidence in them and their ability to continue providing best-in-class products and services while protecting themselves and those they love. 

We’re here to help

Our Business Continuity Team is closely following the situation, and we are available and ready to help you. Our customers will continue receiving the same award-winning support they’ve come to expect from us.

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